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How it Started

Chamberlain was was born in Westport, Connecticut and went on to earn degrees from the University of Connecticut, and Springfield College in Massachusetts. After graduating, he became a high school counselor in New Hampshire and coached football, lacrosse, skiing, and baseball.

When he was 30, Charles' sister gifted him a paint-by-mail lesson. He traced a barn and silo onto the lesson paper and shaded it in with black and white paint. He proudly mailed it off, followed by a quick return, only now the lesson paper included a critique, and a reminder to draw on the correct side of the paper. After completing three more of these lessons, and was hooked. 

Chamberlain spent the next 25 summers painting and showing his art across New England. He retired from working in education in the 90's and moved to Arizona. Finally landing in Bend, Oregon in 2001 where he currently lives and continues painting.

The First Lesson

Below is the first lesson-by-mail that Mr. Chamblerlain ever painted. Note the critique on the top, "Mr. Chamberlain, you have used the WRONG side of the paper..."

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